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Удивительные гранатовые вина


A leading producer of premium quality and pomegranate wines

In the small town of Agsu, the giant modern plant of Azgranata processes a wide range of fruits into wines, liqueurs and juices. The word ‘granat’, from which the winery takes its name, means ‘pomegranate’ in Russian (the word is ‘nar’ in Azerbaijani), and indeed a major product here is pomegranate wine. But the winery also produces an impressive range of spirits and inexpensive, easy-drinking table wines made from a range of European and Caucasian grape varieties, grown on the hills around Shamakhi to the north.


Tasting a glass of pomegranate wine is a unique experience offered by Azgranata where, by arrangement, visits to the production plant are possible and highly engaging. They culminate in a tasting room adorned with barrels and an exhibition of sepia photos that illustrate the history of winemaking in Azerbaijan. Tastings might encompass flavoured fruit distillates, brandies, and other well-known spirits.




Azgranata Premium (Madrasa) – Azgranata Premium red dry wine is produced from the well-known local grape variety Madrasa and aged for 12 months in Slovonian oak casks. It has an intense dark cherry colour, rich aromas and pronounced intensity. First one tastes a ripe red fruit, then woody nuances with gently sweet notes of dried fruits, culminating with other spices. On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish that leaves memories of red fruit, berries and dried fruits.

Azgranata Premium (Bayan Shira) – Azgranata Premium dry white wine is produced from the indigenous grape variety Bayan Shira and aged for 3 months in casks made of American oak. It has the colour of straw and gives hints of tropical fruit, a delicate vanilla scent, and a fresh citrus and long-lasting flower taste.

Azgranata Premium Nar (Gulovsha) – For an unforgettable taste experience, try this palate-baffling pomegranate wine. The tart, fruity flavours might not immediately seem to fit with a frothy effervescence but judged as a unique drink rather than a faux fruit wine, Azgranata Nar is an undoubted original that is likely to be a great gift wherever you might take it. There are also several alternative Nar Sharabi still pomegranate wines.




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