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Enchanting experience of pomegranate wine


A leading producer of premium quality and pomegranate wines

Known for its excellent winery and wide range of products, AZGRANATA is a great place to ‘uncork’ the mysteries of the Shirvan region and its unique wines. Built in 2011, AZGRANATA is considered as one of the leading wine producers in the South Caucasus with an annual production of 24 million bottles of alcoholic beverages.

AZGRANATA’s vineyards are located in the Adnaly Valley of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, at an altitude of 400-700 metres above sea level. The winery’s 500 hectares of vineyards are a mix of a range of European and Caucasian grape varieties. Local grape varieties Madrasa, Bayan Shira and Shirvanshahi create harmony with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Muscat, like the location of Azerbaijan at the crossroads of cultures and climate zones.

Moreover, it has picturesque pomegranate orchards located in the Agsu district, on the Shirvan plain, near the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, for pomegranate wine is an AZGRANATA speciality. In total, AZGRANATA has 350 hectares of picturesque pomegranate orchards where it grows the Gulovsha variety, considered the best pomegranate for making wines.

The soils of this Shirvan terroir offer infinite richness which translates into great wines with unique characteristics that cannot be reproduced elsewhere, as visitors can taste for themselves while touring the AZGRANATA vineyards. This is also a land where nature is in perfect harmony with the vines, and tell another story of our passion.




AZGRANATA Premium (Madrasa) – AZGRANATA Premium red dry wine is produced from the well-known local grape variety Madrasa and aged for 12 months in Slovonian oak casks. It has an intense dark cherry colour, rich aromas and pronounced intensity. First one tastes a ripe red fruit, then woody nuances with gently sweet notes of dried fruits, culminating with other spices. On the palate it is perfumed, soft and fresh with a long finish that leaves memories of red fruit, berries and dried fruits.

AZGRANATA Premium (Bayan Shira) – AZGRANATA Premium dry white wine is produced from the indigenous grape variety Bayan Shira and aged for 3 months in casks made of American oak. It has the colour of straw and gives hints of tropical fruit, a delicate vanilla scent, and a fresh citrus and long-lasting flower taste.

AZGRANATA Premium Nar (Gulovsha) – For an unforgettable taste experience, try this palate-baffling pomegranate wine. The tart, fruity flavours might not immediately seem to fit with a frothy effervescence but judged as a unique drink rather than a faux fruit wine, AZGRANATA Nar is an undoubted original that is likely to be a great gift wherever you might take it. There are also several alternative Nar Sharabi still pomegranate wines.




AZGRANATA’s winery tours have been designed to ensure that visitors ‘uncork’ the winery and experience the heritage of the Shirvan region. You can enjoy its wine degustation hall in a unique setting, while going out onto the AZGRANATA terrace will allow you to be at one with the nature of Agsu. There is a private wine museum to experience, which you can enjoy browsing with a glass of wine. And guests are recommended to visit one very interesting place in Agsu – the Archaeological Museum.


The factory is open to visitors by arrangement.


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