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Sharg Ulduzu

A contemporary winery built on centuries-old traditions
Sharg Ulduzu

Sharg Ulduzu

Close to Shamkir, backed by starkly arid hills, is the Sharg Ulduzu (Şərq Ulduzu) winery. Meaning ‘Star of the East’, Sharg Ulduzu produces a range of dry red single grape wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz (Syrah), Merlot, Saperavi) along with blends in which a traditional cooling technique stops fermentation to produce low-alcohol semi-sweet wines maintaining much of the natural sugar. Examples include Shemkirskaya Krepost (Şəmkir Qalası or Merlot-Cabernet-Sauvignon), Shishtapa (Şiştəpə or Saperavi-Merlot) and Skazka Vostoka (Şərq Nağılı or Saperavi-Tavkveri). The whites follow a similar pattern and include a decent, dry Bayan Shira.


The winery organises tours of the site and tastings of the various wines produced there, accompanied by tasty snacks. Also included is a guided tour of the Sharg Ulduzu Museum, which offers a glimpse into the winemaking traditions of the area around Shamkir.




Aghdam - This port wine is a blend of Bayan Shira and Rkatsiteli grapes. It has a dark golden colour and fruity odour and is usually drunk with fruits, nuts and desserts.

Bayan Shira - A dry white wine made from Bayan Shira grapes, one of the most popular types during the Soviet period and widely used today in Azerbaijani winemaking. This is a light white wine with a hint of black pepper.

Shiraz – A dry red wine made from Shiraz grapes from southern France that has a dark and velvety colour. Expect a taste of currants, scent of spices and fruity notes.

Rkatsiteli - A dry white wine made from Rkatsiteli, a Georgian grape also used to produce brandies. This is a rich wine with an aroma of melon and a light golden colour.




Opening hours:  

Mon – Sat from 09:00 till 18:00